Vibing Into 2020 In Style

Come and Vibe with Us.

We are on Door Dash, Grun Hub now!! We will be throwing a party to take more pictures!!!! Free food on that day! Keep a look out.

We also deliver free for those who are members. $10/week minimum. #SkipTheLine

Soul Food so delicious, it’ll make you smack yo momma.

Gotta smash at least 2-3 times a week.

Black-owned business moguls.

Starting a business incubator in 1/3/2020. Look at events page for info.

Raising $1M to invest into local entrepreneurs.

You can apply to join now on the website.

Seeking serious applicants only BUT we are also focused on helping those who are underserved, downtrodden, minority, protected and endangered species who are having a tough time mastering this current brutal earthly system and all of it's intricacies and attention-to-detail. 😆

Get on the bus 🚌 now as a Founding member.










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