How Vibez Will Be Serving CoMo During The Covid-19

Vibez Kitchen Will Be Open Wednesday, March 25th @ 12PM Please Call-In Your Order @ (573) 424-4718. You Can Pay Over The Phone And Get Safe Curbside Service.

We also offer delivery through Grub Hub, Door Dash, Postmates & Uber Eats. Each service has its own station, spaced 10 feet apart in our facility in order to pick up food.

Menu Items:

  • Chicken & Fries $8

  • Chicken • Spaghetti • Mac-N-Cheese • Cornbread $10

  • Fish & Fries (2 Fillets) $9

  • Fish • Spaghetti • MAC-N-Cheese • Cornbread $11

  • Shrimp & Fries $9

  • Vibez Famous Wings & Fries $8

  • Flavors: Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Asian Zing, Lemon Pepper & Teriyaki

Sign-Up For Our Membership Subscriptions For Incredible Perks, Added Value To Stay Connected Through This Incredibly Tough Season.

Vibez is trying to do our part to help feed our local citizens throughout this pandemic.

We are starting up our soul food menu and offering generous lunch options that allow you to feed your family and stay isolated.

We want to also offer breakfast as well but the challenge has been able to make sure that we can get consistent access to the ingredients which have been running out faster due to hoarding and shipping nationally.

The more that you guys empower us, the more that it allows us to do for the community at this time.

We have various memberships that we will be rearranging in order to provide value to your families during the lockdown for Covid-19.

We have taken all of the best safety precautions, and are following all of the guidance from our local leaders, in order to stay safe and do our part to serve.

We love you guys. God bless us all and keep us safe and healthy in the weeks ahead.

Vibes Admin

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