First Blog: Updates for Fall 2019 and 2020.

Here’s the basics of what need and want you to know about us.

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This is how you fully utilize us as a resource and ally and comprehend our brand here.
We cater. All sizes. Picnics or Boardrooms.
We serve food all day and deliver for orders over $10. Anywhere in town. Dorm to Burbs.
We offer event planning services.
It’s seasoned soul food. It’s delicious. As good as anything in town. Try and find your favorite.
We also offer memberships for people who frequent and offer us business often.
Friday and Saturday nights, we party until 3am. College Boss Friday is for students and free until 11:30pm with an ID. Saturday Spectacular with Hookah, Popping bottles and special guest DJ's.
We can do Afterset’s any day of the week.
We do special events and and cater parties for you at locations of your choice, even house parties.
We can provide a bar and staff at any events. We are consummate professionals.
We will be doing special community building events and connecting various groups locally.
Reach our to us asap. Schedule filling up fast. Shoot your shot. Volunteer to help us or apply for a job.
We seek cooks and bartenders, always. Part time for now. Good perks. Incredible culture. Black owned. MBE certified.
We will have speakers of all kinds and dope ass performances from local and national artists, but really want to show love to nurturing local talent.
We will be offering business coaching with an accelerator and incubator for disadvantaged citizens, especially BIPOC = Black and Indigenous men and women. Creating a fund now. Reach out if you want to invest. Good ROI.
We will be creating a website soon, where you can order food online and we will have an app. We will be hosting a party with discounted food with the goal to make each dish on the menu in order to take a picture, that anyone can purchase at discounted rates. Next week or two. Stay tuned.
We make delicious signature drinks (Princess Party is a fav) and offer VIP Bottle Service with top top shelf beverages.
We are also historically, the last building that is left in the Sharp End, other than the Blind Boone home.
Come and Vibe with us. Invest into us.
We want to connect with about 500 people. Are you one of them. If so, click on this link.
Let’s connect at a deeper level and build collective action. #ShowMeState #SharpEnd
Get at us. #IssaVibe
New website! Please give us some feedback, sign up and show some love. Thanks to Common Excellence Coaching.
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