Choose Your Membership Level

  • Silver Membership

    Every week
    Perfect for casual partygoer's and supporters
    • Free attendance at all events
    • Complimentary drink (2 per week)
    • Complimentary appetizer (1 per week)
    • Personal thank you by the leadership
    • Invites to private parties or events
  • Gold Membership

    Every week
    Perfect for socialites and serious supporters
    • Free entrance into all public and private events
    • Complimentary drink (2 per week)
    • Complimentary meal (2 per week)
    • Complimentary breakfast (4 per week)
    • Personal call and thank you by our Founders
  • Vibez Alliez

    Perfect for Urbanites and the people who create the Vibe
    Valid for one week
    • VIP Treatment at all events and a personal booth
    • Party of 5 get free entrance with you.
    • Face on monthly flyer for the event
    • Complimentary drinks
    • Complimentary food
    • Personal access to the Founders and The Team
    • We allow you to choose a party theme for one night per month
    • Personal thank you and lunch meeting with our Team
  • Pay It Forward

    Every month
    Buy A Meal For Someone Less Fortunate
    • Updates on all monthly philanthrophy
    • Buy A Meal For 4 People Less Fortunate
  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    • Attendance at all weekly public and private events
  • Rent Our Venue

    Bring Your Own Vibe
    Valid for one month
    • Rental of our venue for 2 hours. $499 is downpayment
    • Discounted rates for food
    • Discounted rates for drinks
    • Access to VIP and Bottle Service
    • If we sell out, we can share a portion of the door.
  • Plan Your Party

    We love to bring our Vibe
    Valid for 2 months
    • We can provide anything on our menu for 10 to 2000 people.
    • We can bring our cash bar
    • We can provide staff
    • We can provide clean up
    • We can provide entertainment and DJ
    • We can provide limo's and other special accommodations
    • We can come to any location
  • Vendor Plan

    Every week
    Perfect plans for partners and allies of Vibez
    • Can set up a booth or rack at the Swap Meet events
    • Can attend all members only events
    • Can receive dinner and beverage per event
    • Receive 25% discount on catering and venue rental
  • Booth Rental

    When you want to turn up for a special occasion
    Valid for one week
    • Comes with complimentary spots for 2 people
  • Bottle & Booth Combo

    Perfect package for when it's time to celebrate
    Valid for one week
    • Choose the booth of your choice
    • Free entry and seating for 4
    • Your choice of bottle for your party
  • DJ Sponsorship

    Every month
    Perfect for artists, rappers and up and coming entertainers
    Valid for 3 months
    • Free appetizer and 2 drinks if in attendance
    • Sponsor can add a few songs to the playlist
    • Last call for alcohol sponsor shout out at 1am
    • 2 free tickets to each public event
    • Skip the line at every event
  • Donation

    One Time Donation To Help Us Stay In Business
    • Free Attendance All Year When We Open Back Up

In order to purchase drinks, you must be over 21 and have ID. We have virgin drinks as well.